Cytoscape.js is an open-source graph theory (a.k.a. network) library written in JavaScript. You can use Cytoscape.js for graph analysis and visualisation -

Though Cytoscape.js shares its name with Cytoscape, Cytoscape.js is not exactly the same as Cytoscape desktop. Cytoscape.js is a JavaScript library for programmers. It is not an app for end-users, and developers need to write code around Cytoscape.js to build graphcentric apps.

Cytoscape.js is a JavaScript library: It gives you a reusable graph widget that you can integrate with the rest of your app with your own JavaScript code. The keen members of the audience will point out that this means that Cytoscape plugins/apps — written in Java — will obviously not work in Cytoscape.js — written in JavaScript. However, Cytoscape.js supports its own ecosystem of extensions.

# Tutorials

- Cytoscape tutorials on github - See the tutorial demo - - Reveal.js style guide - github

# Animation - Cytoscape Animations - - How to highlight the path between two nodes in CYTOSCAPE JS - - This extension provides an interface to expand-collapse nodes- - Show animation on the edge -

# Packages

* npm : npm install cytoscape * bower : bower install cytoscape * spm : spm install cytoscape * jspm : jspm install npm:cytoscape * meteor : meteor add cytoscape:cytoscape * Cytoscape.js & Cytoscape

We are trying to make the two projects inter-compatible as possible, and we do share philosophies with Cytoscape: Graph style and data should be separate, the library should provide core functionality with extensions adding functionality on top of the library, and so on.